(1) Specialization of functions and low prices. In production practice, due to the difference of product shapes and plastic varieties, there are often some special requirements for injection machines. For example, in terms of products, some have inserts, some have no inserts, some are single-color, and some are two-color; in terms of plastic varieties, some are thermoplastics, and some are thermosetting plastics. Therefore, the development of special and special injection machines suitable for user requirements has the characteristics of high performance-to-price ratio, technology-intensive and simplified structure. For example, gas-assisted injection equipment, fusible core injection equipment, magnet and metal powder injection machines, etc.

(2) High-speed, high-efficiency and precision mold opening and closing speed is fast, the opening and closing speed of the mold increases from 20-30mm/min to 40-50mm/min, and some even as high as 60mm/min. The injection speed is fast, from 100mm/s to 450mm/s. It is not uncommon for small and medium injection machines to have an injection speed of 600mm/s, and some can reach 900mm/s.

Focus on small and medium injection machines, while developing large and super large and even giant and micro injection machines. Large-scale injection machines with clamping forces of 40 MN, 50 MN, and even larger have come out. The injection machine with a clamping knife of 50MN made in West Germany has an injection volume of 24.5kg and an injection pressure of 140-370MPa. A large injection machine manufactured by Japan's Meiji Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a clamping force of 120 MN. At present, the molding accuracy of ordinary, precision and ultra-precision injection machines has reached 0.02-0.05mm, 0.01-0.02mm and less than 0.001mm.

(3) Automated production is an important way to ensure product quality, increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, improve labor conditions, give full play to equipment utilization, and reduce costs. At present, many new control devices, such as programmable controllers (PLC), are used to replace traditional relays. Programmer control. The work is reliable, and the program can be flexibly modified. Microcomputers have been used for process control and process parameter control of injection machines. This new control method is particularly important for molding precision products. It can automatically adjust molding conditions to ensure product size and quality. For machines that produce general products, the production process is also automated from feeding to taking out the inspection and packaging of the products. The safety of the machine is guaranteed by the safety device, which can not only be automated, but also can be centrally managed to realize unmanned operation.

(4) Other mechanical structure design adopts advanced methods, concepts and means. The clamping method is mainly toggle lever and direct pressure. The clamping mechanism is improved to form a standardized series; the appearance and shape of the main engine are optimized for design, noise reduction, and injection machine. The standardization and serialization of supporting equipment, the modularization of injection machines, and the development of environmentally friendly injection machines have attracted the attention of injection machine manufacturers. With the development of products and molding processes, molding equipment is constantly innovating and developing. The development of modern injection molding machines focuses on improving the control level and the automation of the whole machine, as well as the optimization of the whole machine design and the improvement of processing technology. The quality and energy-saving requirements of the injection molding machine. The development trend of modern injection molding machines can be summarized as follows.