MIM metal powder injection molding technology is a kind of net forming technology of parts formed by the combination of plastic forming process, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy process and metal materials science. And high-performance metal parts, MIM is an effective manufacturing process. Compared with traditional metal forming techniques, such as machining, precision casting, powder metallurgy and die casting, MIM is an economical choice. The limitations of traditional metal processing technology in design and cost can be easily overcome by MIM.

Today, MIM's high-performance products are widely used in various industries, including automobiles, aerospace, military, medical, manual/electric tools, electronics, communications, daily necessities, machinery, sports equipment, etc. So, what are the advantages of MIM?

1. Directly form parts with complex geometric shapes (usually 0.1~200g in size);

2. The dimensional accuracy of the product can reach +/-0.1~0.5%, the surface finish is high, and it can reach Ra3.2 at one time;

3. The product has good internal compactness and high density, up to 97~99.5%;

4. The internal structure is uniform, for the alloy, there is no component segregation phenomenon, and the product strength, hardness, elongation and other mechanical properties are high;

5. The raw materials can be used repeatedly, the utilization rate is as high as 98%, and the production efficiency is high. In the case of mass production, the cost is greatly reduced;

6. The material has a wide range of applications, including: refractory, difficult to cast and difficult to process materials;

7. No pollution, and the production process is clean production.