In order to achieve further promotion of MIM products, industry enterprises need to research and develop cutting-edge technologies according to the needs of various fields, so as to expand the applicability of MIM products in more fields. The development of MIM industry will show the following trends:

(1) Diversified development of downstream applications

With the in-depth development of China's MIM industry, MIM enterprises are also constantly deepening their own technological innovation ability in order to seize more market shares. At present, in China's MIM industry, some enterprises have strong technological innovation strength. Through continuous research on cutting-edge technologies in the industry, the performance of MIM products has been continuously improved, which can be applied to more downstream products. For example, the development of ultra-thin and high-precision MIM products conforms to the development trend of lightweight and portable consumer electronics products. For example, the high complexity, high precision, high strength and exquisite appearance of MIM products will be further enhanced through the development of feed and mold, thus promoting the application of MIM products in various fields such as automobile manufacturing and medical equipment.

(2) Complexity and development of technology

Although China's MIM technology has approached the international advanced level, due to the characteristics of technology and process, it is still unable to apply MIM technology in some fields on a large scale, and there is still a large space for technological development. Therefore, micro powder injection molding, super large injection molding and co-injection molding will become an important development direction of the industry. Micro powder injection molding will promote the development of MIM products to smaller and finer direction. By reducing the amount of binder and increasing the size of the product, the application and promotion of super-sized MIM products can be promoted. Co-injection molding can combine magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials, hard materials and soft materials, conductive materials and insulating materials, so as to effectively improve the applicability of MIM products.

(3) Diversified development of material system

At present, most MIM products in China are stainless steel and iron base alloy powder, which are widely used in consumer electronics and other fields. Due to the increasing demand for material diversification and product lightweight in downstream sectors, existing stainless steel and iron based alloy products cannot fully meet the market demand. Therefore, enterprises in the industry need to adapt to the market demand for the diversification of MIM products of other materials, constantly enrich the MATERIAL system of MIM products, and further promote the technological progress and scale growth of the industry.

At present, the research and development of new materials in MIM industry mainly focuses on high-strength corrosion-resistant dual-phase stainless steel, high-strength and high-thermal copper alloy, titanium alloy with high specific strength and high biocompatibility and other fields, and its application is developing towards high-end fields such as automobile, medical treatment and hardware.

(4) Feeding automation

At present, the raw materials of enterprises in this industry are mainly purchased from the outside, and the preparation of customized raw materials often becomes the short board of their technological development. With the increasingly wide application of MIM products, more and more MIM products with high complexity, high precision, high density and beautiful appearance are emerging. Enterprises need to prepare different proportions of feeder according to customers' highly customized product requirements, to provide customers with MIM products to meet their needs. At present, a few MIM enterprises have the ability to produce feed independently. With the increasingly wide application of MIM products, the enterprise's own preparation of feed will become the future trend.

(5) Development of manufacturing process automation

In recent years, the demand of industry enterprises for automatic intelligent production equipment and testing equipment is increasing, and the degree of automation intelligence is rapidly improving.

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