Notebook computer rotating shaft is the most critical first step in the use of notebook computer, so how to control the resistance of the rotating shaft part in use? Many users may not know much about the strength of the rotating shaft when choosing the rotating shaft of notebook computer, so it becomes a difficult problem to choose the rotating shaft. The following small series with users to understand in detail the normal laptop shaft opening and closing strength is what?


When the laptop rotates, the damping force of the rotating shaft is kept at the effect that only one hand is needed to open it. When the screen is rotated to an appropriate visual Angle, the rotating shaft will automatically stop at that Angle without shaking. At this time, the user will experience the stable damping force of the rotating shaft. Such shaft damping is good to avoid excessive screen rotation or impact on the shaft caused by wear.

According to the market said business, thin type notebook is generally able to achieve the function of single-hand opening and closing, and the control of the notebook axis opening and closing strength is based on: notebook size, type, Angle and other aspects to set. Therefore, users should bear in mind that they need to consider all aspects of the rotating axis and notebook to choose the right rotating axis when choosing the rotating axis.